ELCOT’s success story of Suse linux migration

mdelcot asked:

Electronic Corporation of TamilNadu, India is the Information Technology arm of Government of TamilNadu, India. ELCOT is a fully owned Government Company. ELCOT migrated all its operations to suse linux OS within a period of 12 months. This video shares the success story of ELCOT in the suse linux migration (June 2007)

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  1. krrgdck Says:

    umashankar , thats a great initiative , but frankly the freedom aspect could have been said in a better way . This whole thing is not just about “cost savings” even some of the open source projects were possible only because “free” means “freedom” ;)

  2. hackersville Says:

    I used Fedora C4,5,6,7, Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, Ubuntu Hardy Heron. Now the latest release Ubuntu Intredpid is my next to install

  3. mdelcot Says:

    After stabilising Suse linux, ELCOT has started deploying Ubuntu linux side by side. Ubuntu’s latest offering (July 08) is simply the best. It enables automatic download, configuration and updating of the system. No need for tech. skill. One needs internet connection to install any new software requirement. Ubuntu’s servers (free service) do the entire job for the user! Great experience indeed. Umashankar

  4. mdelcot Says:

    I am a directly recruited IAS officer of 1990 batch. Apologies for my poor English accent. The video was taken without any rehearsal. To bring in a change such as linux in Indian government, English accent may be necessary but it is not the only requirement. Thanks. Umashankar

  5. mdelcot Says:

    Thanks Mr.Kiran Kumar.

  6. mdelcot Says:

    Thanks for the good comments. Our focus is CHANGE in Government. We made a huge splash so far. Only the future will tell whether the huge splash is a success as well. Umashankar

  7. mdelcot Says:


  8. mdelcot Says:

    This was not our focus. Pl look at the focus of the video. Linux / OSS implementation in Government and large organisations is the focus.

  9. mdelcot Says:

    There is nothing fake about his accent. He is a professional hired for the job.

  10. mdelcot Says:

    We find Windows a strange operating system. After using linux for two years, Ms-windows appears to be a kid stuff. It is an annoying OS (everyone will get this feeling after using linux OS for a few months)

  11. mdelcot Says:

    After two years of linux implmentation, ELCOT has proved to the world that a large enterprise can indeed run with 100% linux, be it in desktop, servers, state wide area network or even mainframe server powered data centre. Now ELCOT has started loading Ubuntu linux as second operating system. Ubuntu is an outstanding OS. ELCOT also has opened 30 training centres powered by 1200 linux (Suse & Ubuntu) laptops. Target: training 20000 Government officials in 2008-09.

  12. heituzi Says:

    I love it! The quirkiness makes it fun and interesting. The accents were fun to listen to. And all these people are doing a great favor for the world. That public official will be famous, as he is saving the taxpayers a lot of their hard-earned money. I wish China had even just one of this kind of official. 5*!

  13. teem180 Says:

    Very stable and do not experience blue screen haha. Good point.

  14. teem180 Says:

    A very strong and bold decision to stop using windows and find a better alternative. Kudos to out of the box thinking.

  15. teem180 Says:

    Very rightly said mathivanan.

  16. horneyvirus Says:

    the narrator has an annoying fake accent.

  17. xlinuks Says:

    Can’t he get a better haircut.

  18. sonnetg Says:

    Very Cool. :)

  19. mathivananrr Says:

    I am really sad about some comments on his accent. My four year old son speaks better accent than me since he live in US. Does it mean he is wiser?
    I hope we all Indians feel India should improve and compete with every nation in the world.
    We should support and preserve good people and good ideas.

    Mr.Umashankar has the fire we all can take on and follow.
    Santa Clara

  20. profits4you Says:

    The important thing is that older PCs are being recycled,because generally Windows,aside from continually rising software costs,also requires increasing hardware demands =ie: alot of PCs that run XP,can’t run Vista…BUT they CAN run Linux!I took Xp off of an old PC,put on Linux -the hard drive is NOT bad and now it flys!

  21. shaajahan Says:

    Great Initiative. Good Luck!!

  22. mdelcot Says:

    ELCOT specialises in e-governance and IT park promotion (ELCOT has 9 IT-Special Economic Zones in Tamil Nadu) – Rgds. Umashankar

  23. fellow1205 Says:

    Is Uma Shankar a directly recruited IAS officer? His English seems to be abysmal.

  24. kirankumareai Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am amazed to see this video clip, excellent initiatives @ elcot… Congratulations and wish you all the best for all of your initiatives.
    Kiran Kumar.

  25. mamasita090783 Says:

    Mr. Umashankar,
    do you also specialize in Telecoms ?


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