Discover the Hidden Secrets On Getting Free Google Traffic

google33 Discover the Hidden Secrets On Getting Free Google Traffic
Cheryline Lawson asked:

Traffic is the life and blood of every internet website. Creating a website is only the beginning. You can get instant templates at to get started, but what do you do when you have completed the website. Search engines are fine, but it is a painstakingly tedious process to submit to the search engines. Therefore, you want to find a faster way to get traffic and the answer is google.

Google has paid advertising like adsense or adwords, but there are a few other ways to utilize google to add traffic to your website and these methods are free.

Google news is one of the ways that you can benefit from free google traffic. If you go to and recommend your website as a newsworthy website and it may be approved by google, but you must keep it updated every 30 days. Another way is submit a press release to and your site will get listed in google because all press releases from are listed in google. is another free method to use google. If you have existing pictures on your website you can optimize them for google image search. Google describes each image with text and list the source website that carries each image. The key is to use relevant text to describe your images. For example, if you have a cat page and a picture of a cat, you could label it, “free cat pictures” and google will grab this description and your web address and add it to google image.

Having google sitemaps set up will let google know about all your web pages from you site and get them fully indexed. It will also help you to know what is happening with your website as it pertains to google sitemap at You will need a google account to set up this feature. You will get detailed reports about the visibility of your website and all your pages. Once you verify that you are the site owner, google will provide statistics, analysis and reports about your site. You will verify your main page by adding meta tags that google will provide after you register. This will help you to stay connected to google site map.

Google base is where you can submit content and have it show up on google. If you go to you can add all types of content with specific keywords and this will generate lots of free traffic for you. Make sure you pick the right keyword and include it in your title, so people who see the title will click on it to go to your content. You can also add pictures to draw attention to your content. You are also allowed to add your web URL to lead traffic to you. You can also add keywords in your description and in your content.

You can also add google book search to your arsenal of free traffic at Even though google carries the entire book, you are also allowed to submit pages of your books or ebooks. Make sure your book has your niche keywords that will get your targeted audience to purchase the entire book. Your book will contain your website address. You can get private label content or your own written content to create an electronic book and submit it to google books. You will need an ISBN number to get the book listed with google books. You can also list the book at as well.

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