[demo] How to run Windows XP on Linux Ubuntu with Virtualbox

EdgyRootStudios asked:

Quick demonstration on how to run Microsoft Windows XP on Linux Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6.1.0 using Virtualbox.

For further information please refer to http://www.virtualbox.org

The song in the video is “electrovibe” by “subatomicglue” and has been released under a creative commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/

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  1. markwiebe99 Says:

    hmm, when i tried using virtualbox, it messed up big time in running windows, yeah i used one of the worst windows ever, me, but still it should work properly. but it was just realy laggy and glitched

  2. outtokill7 Says:

    Great video! im guessing this will also work with windows 2000 also? Nice music btw!

  3. PeninsulaBoy217 Says:

    We should be making Wine better so VMing won’t even be necessary.

  4. aaron8x Says:

    NauticalFILMS this desktop effects conflict with his desktop recorder that why you see “that grapgics” do not form a opinion based on 1 video …first try it and them make a comment

  5. tcadroas Says:

    Windows 3.1 came out in 1992, and so did Linux. :-)

  6. StvnBrkbck Says:

    microsoft suks hard… ms developers are using linux as a main OS in theyre machines LOL thats lame for windows.. looking forward to see many windows apps for linux

  7. analyzingfunny Says:

    That was not anger at all. you should see me when I’m pissed. That was just the truth. It is the end of the consumer market for Microprick.

  8. EdgyRootStudios Says:

    Haha, someone is pissed off, ey? I’m not that much into bashing different OS, but yeah, I can totally understand you.

  9. analyzingfunny Says:

    I hope (and Im quite sure) that this (Linux) is the end for Microshaft. I consider it revenge for all the years of Microfucks self serving questions you HAVE to answer to proceed like “Would you like to try this Microslime product?” How about this? How about that? **** YOU Microsoft!!! I hope all you lame mutherfuckers loose your jobs. I show no mercy for a company that conducts anti-trust on a daily basis, and now those fuckers are crying and trying to copy Linux. **** OFF MICROSOFT!!!

  10. 46near Says:

    hey it worked lol

  11. philipwhiuk Says:

    purchase it :)

  12. elredplague Says:

    I can have 50 windows open with compiz-fusion running and still use less ram then vista.

  13. malroTheo Says:

    never mind i didnt see description lol

  14. malroTheo Says:

    song? lol

  15. jrule44 Says:

    howd you get the product key?

  16. ichbinstark Says:

    its called lag retard. maybe it didn’t show up on video cos he was recording himself.

  17. jtony995 Says:

    vista is a hog it *****. Ubontu rocks so get out of here dude

  18. mynamesaretakenwtf Says:

    try running any program with high graphics requirements on minimum requirements. No two computers are the same and either he couldn’t run the graphics of the OS (laughable) or his desktop live camera. I place bets on his OS.

  19. zanetrance Says:


  20. NauticalFILMS Says:

    Ubuntu is crappy graphical operating system I ever seen.

    Come on, you guys…. Look at 1:45, tell what you see wrong here?

    What the hell this… 2:33… ?!?! Where’s graphics? Why is take soo much space, cache, memory, cpu?

    Waste of time UI.

  21. mynamesaretakenwtf Says:

    it was his computer, not linux, I’ve had that running it on a old computer that really shouldn’t have run it.

  22. EdgyRootStudios Says:

    Haha, I was thinking the same thing, but couldn’t be bothered to respond. xD

  23. JoeyRamonerulz Says:

    Yes Linux ***** because his theme didn’t meet your preferences… And Vista rules cos it’s so shiny… Dumbass!

  24. NauticalFILMS Says:

    Damn linux *****. did you see that graphics.

  25. metal666anarchist Says:

    Thanks man such a great How-To!!!
    –>5 stars


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