Data Loss When Kubuntu Linux Freezes at Shut Down

linux70 Data Loss When Kubuntu Linux Freezes at Shut Down
shally spears asked:

When you try to shut down your Kubuntu Linux system, using KDE (K Desktop Environment), KDE seems to shut down your computer without any issue, but then your screen becomes black and your system freezes without showing any error messages and getting towards shut down. In this case, you have to press reset button and do hard reboot.

KDE is a free desktop environment for Linux computers. The objective of this software is to give basic desktop features for daily needs of users as well as documentation and tools for developers to design stand alone applications for their systems.

After this behavior, when you restart your computer, you have to use fsck command for checking hard drive. It can recognize various errors related to file system and other disk data structures.

After this problem, you might experience two types of behavior, depending upon the effects of a hard reboot and severity of damage:

All the system settings may get lost with basic ones like desktop wallpaper, styles and taskbar layout. You may also lose other things like Kmail accounts, Kaddress book, Kopete settings, Amarok settings and sometimes your KDE Wallet (tool to store passwords on KDE system) gets corrupted.
fsck can’t fix the errors and your system does not boot up. You can not access data from your hard drive and thus encounter the daunting situations of data loss.

In case of data loss, you need to opt for linux data recovery to save your critical data. In such scenarios, Linux Data Recovery is possible through Linux Recovery software.

Linux Recovery software are specifically designed to scan your hard drive, locate the lost, missing or inaccessible data and recover it. You can easily use these software without any prior sound technical knowledge.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is the most comprehensive and commanding  linux recovery tool that ensures efficient Data Recovery Linux in all cases of data loss. It supports recovery from Ext2, Ext3 and ReiserFS file system based Linux volumes. It is compatible with most of the Linux distributions including Kubuntu.

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