Choosing the Best Microsoft Sharepoint Alternative

Microsoft29 Choosing the Best Microsoft Sharepoint Alternative
Christiene Villanueva asked:

“Microsoft hits the jackpot with Sharepoint”, according to most Microsoft’s insiders, but apparently this statement is not shared by some industry watchdogs who feel that the “success” of Sharepoint is a product of hype. Sharepoint is undoubtedly bringing in lots of dough to Microsoft’s cash registers, and if this is sole basis of success, then Sharepoint has arrived. However, in terms of use as a fully functional collaboration tool, Sharepoint is still found wanting of cutting-edge features by some, and the best collaboration tool, a Microsoft Sharepoint Alternative, is still out there waiting to be found.

Help or Hype?

Is Sharepoint every company’s “dream collaboration tool”, or is it just a product of clever product positioning?

Industry consultants conducted independent studies on Sharepoint and the following product lows were pointed out:
• Incompatibility with Outlook. Information shared via Outlook cannot be accessed when using Sharepoint;

• Product Limitations. Sharepoint is not web-based, which means it is only fully operational when one is inside his office. It’s incompatibility with Outlook makes calendaring less efficient.

Microsoft debunked the negative results of the survey and declared optimism over the product’s potential to eclipse all other collaboration tools in the market today. It based its assumptions on the product’s unprecedented growth into a billion-dollar enterprise despite its rumored product limitations Microsoft theorized that the product would not have reached its pinnacle of success if it were useless.

Coming to the rescue of its global clients, a Microsoft Sharepoint Alternative is available in the market with its seamless features, to name a few: entirely web-based, no cash outlay except for very minimum subscription fees every month, and Outlook compatibility.

Sharepoint or Microsoft Sharepoint Alternative? The ultimate collaboration tool is one that promotes ease and convenience, cost efficiency and reliability. Discover how a Microsoft Sharepoint Alternative by HyperOffice changes the way you think about online collaboration.

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