Bill Gates’ Farewell – Microsoft at CES 2008

Omfib asked:

Featuring Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Barack Obama, Steven Spielberg, Hillary Clinton, Bono and more!

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  1. zak9456 Says:

    i can bet money that they put that video together on a mac

  2. yesthisisgod Says:

    Dont you think he looks like a pedophile.

  3. unashamedevangelist Says:

    Matt: 19:21 Then someone came to him and said “Teacher, what good deed must I do to have eternal life…[Jesus said] go sell your possessions, and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven…When the young man heard this word he went away grieving, for he had many possessions…

  4. LostOliven Says:

    Linux is great for beginner developers learning how to program. Above that it’s all the same.

  5. habib2221 Says:

    it just shows what money can do

  6. jprado509 Says:

    bill gates has thousand of that keyboard u idiot

  7. m0neymike18rs Says:

    bill has the same keyboard as me :)

  8. luke8520 Says:

    i think linux is great for a developer. if it’s good for gaming, then who would buy windows?

  9. Aleisha33 Says:

    looking for friends

    great vid I6

  10. dadautube Says:

    i’m not against waiting so long for upgrades if they really work. consider this: took M$ nearly 20 years to get where others (Mac, Amiga, …) had been already ages prior when eventually Window$ XP came out in 2001. took them another two years to ‘debug’ XP to make it their best product ever although it still suffers badly in certain areas. now with Vista, they are going the wrong way again imo. some people simply never learn from their own mistakes! they make a lot of money selling garbage tho!

  11. mrmomoto Says:

    Um, yeah… No. They can’t, you see, because M$ is hobbled by a really ugly, outmoded design paradgm, and (worse still for them) vendors are just plain SICK AND TIRED of paying through the nose for 3rd-rate software.

    Aren’t you tire of waiting 5-7 years for updates???

  12. mrmomoto Says:

    Linux is the Geekgirl of OS’s.

    … And EVERYONE knows geekgirls are HOT.

    Bye-bye, M$/Bill. MS/DOS will be missed.

  13. thisisUll Says:

    Vista is a piece of shit.
    Monopolysoft forced me to buy the crap on a laptop. IE doesnt last 5 mins before crashing.
    I really hate those twats.

  14. CCmachine Says:

    right on! :D

  15. winrid Says:

    Well, yes, because I am a Linux os developer, and you insulted me. As the video title states, farewell.

  16. ivanhvg Says:

    I see…
    Actually you calling someone retarded and insulting them , normally will prove you are wrong. But nice talking to you anyways…

  17. winrid Says:

    Vista is for everyone? Really? What about my sister with a 1ghz cpu and 512mb ram? Hell no. Linux runs great on it, and shes has about 30 games installed. Yes, there are games… just not ones you buy at the store. Actually, opengl is more efficient than directx. Go to google and search for linux games… Ubuntu is easy, just pop in the cd, click install, and your on your way. My eight year old sister installed Xubuntu on her own. You must be retarded…

  18. chapibol Says:

    thnx ivan….

  19. ivanhvg Says:

    Linux is not for everyone.. Vista is.. you can´t even play games on Linux… or do a whole bunch “stuff”

  20. ivanhvg Says:

    Well said chapibol!

  21. dirtbikeguy11 Says:

    are you jokeing?…or just retarded?

  22. happykrazy Says:

    funny Bill. I will miss him

  23. blackfreddie223 Says:

    omg was that real? the fucked faggot that developed vista can’t bench a messly 60 lb bar with no weights?


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