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Microsoft Vista Speech Recognition Tested – Perl Scripting
miaublah asked: Credits to scrubadub (check for user: scrubadub1 for more videos like this !) for sharing this first, until he got banned… Here we go again… Please don’t ban me.
Microsoft Sam Reads Computer Errors part 5
PacGuy765 asked: well, here it is everyone’s been wating for, sorry it took so long, has some idears to think of. Look out for a couple of SHOOP DA WHOOP surprises, that’s a clue to what’s coming soon to Youtube!
Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners #8 – Formatting Pt.3
MotionTraining asked: Learn how to combine conditional formatting with Excel functions.
NYT: Did Microsoft rip-off Apple Mac OS X in Windows Vista?
getamac asked: The New York Times columnist David Pogue checks to see if Microsoft ripped-off Apple’s Mac OS X in Windows Vista.
Microsoft Surface The Magic The Power The Possibilities :)
Spasticgrampa asked: Microsoft Surface ~ Full Screen This One ~ Frequently Asked Questions May 2007 What is Microsoft Surface? Microsoft Surface™, the first commercially available surface computer from Microsoft Corp., turns an ordinary tabletop into a vibrant, interactive surface. The product...

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