NYT: Did Microsoft rip-off Apple Mac OS X in Windows Vista?

getamac asked:

http://www.macdailynews.com/ The New York Times columnist David Pogue checks to see if Microsoft ripped-off Apple’s Mac OS X in Windows Vista.

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  1. EuroCarfan00 Says:

    um… I do not think my idea about OS X is sucking on any thing currently… does not look like it. I do not know where you got the idea of replacing OS X… weird…

  2. WeEatBrainz Says:

    same except i can run 5x more programs…8gigs ram nvidia geforce 280 gtx oc… (only on pc)
    macs are for lazy people who dont care about performance or features just that its simple and prebuilt

  3. thetutorialguys Says:

    My mac has a 5 second start up and that is logging in also
    in yo face

  4. UbuntuLee Says:

    Your idea bout replacing OS X sucks major ASS.

    If they did that Apple would go out of business. People buy macs for the OS integration with the hardware. Besides, OS X Mach/Darwin, which has UNIX certification. I would choose UNIX over NT any day. But that is just me…. and 99% of all other Mac users.

  5. UbuntuLee Says:

    Most of your apps are junk anyway. LAWL

  6. UbuntuLee Says:

    Your PC has 32 gigs of ram and 2 quad core processors?

    didn’t think so.

  7. appledude25 Says:

    this video made me believe vista copied mac in even more ways

  8. WeEatBrainz Says:

    ya mah pc can
    in yo face
    my pc is faster than any mac can ever be
    in yo face

  9. Mcdawger69 Says:

    do your “windows” gets trojans,spyware,malware,viruses yes they do us mac users get those no we dont faggots !

  10. EuroCarfan00 Says:

    You DO know Mac does run Windows, since the beginning of time, emulated, and now native. Mac IS a PC… Each time you say some thing hateful about Mac, you are also doing same for PC, because Mac IS a PC, Personal Computer, and it is also an X86 Machine… Mac IS PC. PC is NOT Mac. PC is unable to RUN OS X. Even if did, things do not work correctly… Don not be hateful about Mac, Mac is also a PC. But Mac is able to run Windows…

  11. Mcdawger69 Says:

    NO ! u cry like a baby u lose u get rid of urself faggot u get rid of ur freaking fking face and instead of selling thos hot cakes shove it up ur freaking faggot ass

  12. maddox52 Says:

    at the end of the day apple stole the idea from xerox bk in the 70s then microsoft did the same to apple now apple crying like a baby no matter what apple does it will never win over microsoft i think apple needs to get rid of there opperating system and use windows they would sell like hot cakes after all microsoft owns a part of apple anyway now well since 1997

  13. thetutorialguys Says:

    Not at the same time.


  14. WeEatBrainz Says:

    no we can run 70% more apps than mac


  15. thetutorialguys Says:

    Ya you run applications


  16. WeEatBrainz Says:

    also on macs you cant run programs


  17. ILikeKiks Says:

    he suck..! OMG, it aint in the same corner xD whats the fucking matter??

  18. dalech22 Says:

    Widgets, Gadgets, both made the same.

  19. Tokiopopski Says:

    Yeah, so it’s in a different place on the screen, that doesn’t make it a rip-off at all… *rolls eyes*

  20. Riffer6 Says:

    Have watched again… I’m sorry, think you’re right guys :)

  21. thetutorialguys Says:

    Actually there is only two virus’s in the whole world for Apple computers and one of them doesn’t harm you at all. So there is really one and a half. lol


  22. qwertdr Says:

    Like how? Only with things that they have actually copied rather than having things that are similar – because in many cases, form follows function.

  23. jes5100 Says:

    You’re clearly a stranger to sarcasm :/

  24. daonlyfunkypenguin Says:

    General note to YouTube users: Never upload any video in which sarcasm features prominently, because I can guarantee that the majority of users WILL NOT get it – their six brain cells are too busy trying to formulate a suitably idiotic and confrontational argument about why the person is COMPLETELY WRONG!!!11!1, when in actual fact they share the same opinion.
    I really hope YouTube comments don’t provide an accurate representation of the average person’s intelligence today, or we’re all fucked.


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