Microsoft Exchange Server – is it Right for You?

Microsoft111 Microsoft Exchange Server – is it Right for You?
Zoe Soto asked:

I am sure you have been out there researching web-hosting companies – there are as many out there, as you have hairs on your head. Many are boasting things such as “guaranteed uptime,” low fees and award winning customer service. They are also boasting they were “the first hosting company.”

However, the thing is, there is one web hosting company, which has been around since the beginning, the company who manufactures computers, develops its own software, and provides customers with 100% support of their products. Microsoft has its own servers available for business and private use. Microsoft Exchange server is one of the most dependable, reliable and stress free servers available today. With clients such as Microsoft Outlook Express and real-time customer service, you cannot go wrong choosing Microsoft Exchange server for your hosting needs.

With dependability right out of the box, Microsoft Exchange Server allows for the customer and their information to be protected and to work correctly immediately after setting it up. Deploying to Microsoft Exchange Server is also seamless and stress free – one don’t have to worry about lost information and/or corrupted files. With Microsoft Exchange Server, you always get what you pay for – no skimping allowed.

Emailing through Microsoft Exchange, otherwise known as Microsoft Outlook, is probably as streamlined as it gets in regards to emailing successfully. With ease of attaching photos, files and the like to a message – the wait time is virtually nonexistent compared to other email clients. Email is sent from address to address quickly – no lag time whatsoever between clients. It is a priceless attribute in regards to today’s times.

The software can be updated with ease; these updated do not even bother the activity within the program with issues such as slowness, choppiness or the program itself shutting down unnecessarily. If there ever is an issue, its support department is extensive and is available 24/7, by chat, phone, or email. Compared to other clients, Microsoft Exchange is a cut above the rest in regards to dependability and reliability to its users- it almost never goes down.

Another benefit to the Microsoft Outlook program is its usability and customization options. Changing everything- including the setup and color options is what makes this tool completely user friendly. Someone who is clueless regarding computers and email may also use this program with ease. Microsoft Exchange is truly a gem in regards to email capabilities and there is definitely more to come over the years.

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