Microsoft Dynamics Gp 10.0 – Improved and Enhanced

Microsoft118 Microsoft Dynamics Gp 10.0 – Improved and Enhanced
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Microsoft Dynamics-GP 10.0 (formerly Microsoft Great Plains) brings together increased productivity and functionality, by enabling integration with Office Sharepoint Server 2007, SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft .Net technologies. With this strategy, which is the single most important improvement over version GP9.0, when you deploy these solutions in tandem, the user benefits from a number of technology innovations that are unparalleled, and which will increase their work efficiency.

Compatibility with the Microsoft Office System makes release 10.0 an ERP system capable of giving end users an enhanced experience, by tailoring processes according to their individual roles with in their company. As a result, there are more than 120 new features and enhancements spanning a gamut of management functions.

Top ten reasons for upgrading to version 10.0

1. Streamlined processing of purchase orders

The ordering process has been simplified and automated. It has been tailored to the end user’s specific role in the company hierarchy as well as the approval route for a purchase order within that organization. Also, now you get password protection for deleting Returns Management Authorization and you can use expired lots when entering purchasing returns.

2. Better distribution control

Two step transfers enable tighter control over distribution by enabling tracking of inventory that is in transit between warehouses. Alerts let you know when a lot is nearing expiration date and new flexibility allows you to consume the lot, extend the expiration dates or edit the lot’s quality.

3. Improved productivity with the Action Pane

The Action Pane is a new feature of the updated 10.0 ERP system that helps your staff get more done. A graphical command bar that is customized to their specific role will appear across all navigation lists. On the lines of the Ribbon in Microsoft Office System 2007, this bar helps you preview and filter the details for lists and perform actions for multiple records with out having to open new windows and switch back and forth.

4. Enhanced dexterity for production planning.

When situations change, you can reverse the receipts for manufacturing orders even after posting them, enabling much better control over the shop floor. Another new feature is a multi-level pegging tree that easily facilitates the tracking of supply sources, inventory needs and demand generation.

5. Simplified Installation

Software solutions can be installed easily with prompts and prerequisite regulators. Improvements enable synchronization of security across platforms, including web services for Microsoft Dynamics-GP 10.0 and Business Portal.

6. Search, use and share information effortlessly.

When Office SharePoint Server 2007 is installed with GP10.0, it’s a snap to find, utilize and share the necessary data with others. You can specify and instigate searches and obtain information quickly, for both structured and unstructured data such as Word documents, Outlook emails and Excel spreadsheets.

7. Strategic decision making
The Report List with new types of reports enables you to quickly find virtually any report needed. The Report Libraries in Office SharePoint Server2007 simplifies the storage, launching and viewing of reports, whether your staff is working on Microsoft Dynamics-GP or other programs. Benefit from standard reporting tools with Excel reports that can be refreshed, and obtain pertinent glimpses of the overall picture, based on over 200 SmartList favorites and 75 SQL Server Reporting Services reports.

8. Efficient teamwork with automated announcements and decision approvals

When it comes to vital financial and supply chain procedures, you can improve efficiency by customizing the workflow, so that employees are able to coordinate better on tasks across the system, using reports on the intranet and extranet sites. Accountability is ensured for ownership of actions with a complete audit trail. Remote access to the Business Portal enables secure access for partners, customers and employees from any internet connection.

9. Quicker, more precise payables processes

For individual vendor 1099s, you can now print in multiple boxes on a single 1099 form or print out multiple 1099s based on the tax category. Take advantage of enhanced options for Electronic Funds Transfer.

10. Manage payroll requirements expediently

Retroactive adjustments to employee salaries for additional wages can be calculated quickly, with out hassles. Handle complex deduction concerns and compliance with the help of new features added to the application.

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics-GP 10.0, please visit Integrity Partners online at or call 888.869.4090 ext 701.

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