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Installing Linux on PS3 Pt1
jupiterbroadcasting asked: Chris goes though his thoughts on putting Linux on the PS3, in this first part of a two part series.
Microsoft My Phone Beta
pocketnowvideo asked: Here’s a walk-through of Microsoft’s MyPhone Beta.
The Origins of Linux – Linus Torvalds
ComputerHistory asked: [Recorded Sept 19, 2001] Linus Torvalds, the creator of the operating system phenomenon Linux, tells the story of how he went from writing code as a graduate student in Helsinki in the early 1990s to becoming an icon for open source software by the end of the decade.
Silicon Valley Linux Users Group – Kernel Walkthrough
Google asked: Presentation by Warren Turkal The Silicon Valley Linux Users Group hosts weekly sessions to walk through the code for the Linux Kernel, allowing newer users and developers to better understanding the operating system.
Tech : MacBook Running Ubuntu (Linux)
adiblasi asked: http://www.Alfred.TV READ ME FIRST: Cousin Rich crams Ubuntu on his MacBook with 1 gig of RAM. What else can I say but “Nice!” If you’d like to receive alerts to interesting articles as well as updates on my latest videos and live webcasts, then please subscribe to...

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